Buying a house is an exciting adventure that is the first step in creating a solid foundation for a family. The most daunting part is determining the best type of mortgage to apply for and ensuring that the best possible rate is offered. Most individuals go through the process of getting a mortgage without lots of knowledge about the process. This can lead to wasted time and money. Be sure to research the following items when obtaining home finance san diego purchase loans to ensure the best mortgage structure and interest rate.

Length of the Mortgage

Most residential mortgages can be either 15 or 30 years in length. The 15-year option will save more money by accruing less interest, but a 30-year option provides individuals with a lower monthly payment. Determine a monthly budget and what a comfortable payment amount is. This will make it easy to determine if a 15-year loan is an option. A mortgage broker will be able to estimate monthly payments to give the applicant an idea of what to expect when a purchase is made.

Down Payment

A down payment not only makes a mortgage easier to get, but it also helps reduce the amount of the monthly payments and total interest expense. Be sure to determine a feasible down payment, and seek out government programs that are designed to provide individuals with money for the purchase of a first home. There are many options available that can make home ownership easier to achieve without breaking the bank.

Interest Rate

The biggest expense associated with a mortgage are the interest charges associated with the loan. Talk to a broker about the lenders that offer the best rates. While there is a prime interest rate that is set by the United States Treasury, other factors such as the house purchase price, down payment amount and credit worthiness play factors in the interest rate of the loan.

The process of getting a mortgage can be overwhelming. Visit to learn more about the various financing options available, and get the knowledge needed to make a sound decision. Their wealth of online information can help anyone navigate the mortgage process efficiently, and with less stress.